Personal Shopping

Trying to enhance your current style or just figuring it out? With one on one shopping expertise your personal style will be developed in the most time and cost efficient way. Don’t like hassle of mucking through racks? I’ll create the perfect wardrobe without you having to step outside. As your personal stylist and shopper you can get a wardrobe that is curated for your lifestyle to set the tone for how the world views you.


Closet Editing

Give your wardrobe the makeover that it deserves. Your current wardrobe is purged of clothing that doesn’t compliment your personal style. The remainder is evaluated and replenished with new garments tailored to your wardrobe needs. The end result is a stylish and organized closet that makes a stunning visual appearance apart of your lifestyle. You get to cultivate your image and gear up for events in style!


On Location Styling

Appear stunning during shoots, interviews, and on special occasions. A minimum of 2-hour on-location personal styling is provided to up your style quotient. Precise attention is given making sure every stitch looks perfectly in place and help you achieve an overall professional look ensure your appearance is camera ready.


Virtual Look Book

Digitally curated looks that fit your style goals and lifestyle with clickable links that can be purchased instantly.


Silver $150

•Consult • Closet Audit •Virtual Look book

Gold $400

•Consult •Closet Audit •Virtual Look book •Wardrobe Tips

Platinum $650

•Consult •In person meetup •Personal Shopping •Closet Edit •Wardrobe Tips